Modular Homes

Why purchase a modular home?

Courtesy of  NMHC – National Modular Housing Council

What are the benefits from of today’s modular home?
– All aspects of the construction process are controlled.
– The weather doesn’t interfere with construction and cause delays. Also inventory is better controlled and materials are protected from theft and weather-related damage.

– All technicians, craftsmen and assemblers are on the same team and professionally supervised.

– All construction materials, as well as interior features and appliances are purchased in volume for additional savings.

– Cost of interim construction financing is significantly reduced or eliminated.

– Modular homes are financed using convential mortgage products, and are viewed exactly the same as site-built homes in construction codes and zoning laws.

– All aspects of construction are continually inspected by not one, but several, inspectors.

– Modular homes come with all the features that you would find in a site-built home. Modular homes can even be custom built to your preferences using
the latest in computer-assisted design

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