Custom exterior features can include Vinyl Siding, Craneboard Siding, Cedar Siding, HardieBoard Siding, and HardiePlank Siding. A variety of shingle styles and colors are available. Window grilles, window trim and brick exterior treatments can add a one of a kind look to your home.


Keep your home Energy Efficient by choosing low-emittance (low-e) glass windows. They will help block sunlight in the UV and infrared spectrum. Infrared rays increase your home’s heat load in the winter and cooling load in the summer, while UV light can fade and degrade your fabrics and furnishings. The low-e film combined with argon gas sandwiched between two layers of glazing produces the most energy-efficient windows available in today’s market.


Insulation is another key to Energy Efficiency. The higher the number, the more insulation you have in your home to help cool in the summer and heat in the winter. Ceiling insulation will range from a vaule of R-30 to R-50. Walls will range in value from R-19 to R-25. Floors will range in value from R-11 to R-19.


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